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Hi I'm Alex and I like to play guitar and ride my bicycle. Listen to my band Better Friend.

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Featured Curator of the Week: Philip Intile [pi-slices]

Charlie Deck is an artist on Tumblr who posts an animated GIF every day under the name bigblueboo. Most of his sketches are studies in other artists styles or tests of different techniques. So far, the GIFs he has created are exercises in service of developing an aesthetic, not the result of a fully realized one. Through practice, a handful of clear themes have emerged: negative space, perception, simulations and cycles. He uses Processing, Cinema 4D, Unity, openFrameworks and shader programming to create his art. 


*thinks about snoop dogg*

look what we drew. megmun

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current mood: *pukes into bong*

8 years ago I played a guitar

7 years ago I met a girl

6 years ago I started stealing

5 years ago my step dad thankfully left

4 years ago my world history teacher forged me into a socialist

3 years ago I wanted to move to Japan

2 years ago everyone lived in my basement

1 year ago I realized what irresponsibility looked like

and now I feel old